Sarah Elizabeth Jewellery


For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to everything and anything that sparkled. I specifically remember being awfully jealous of some girls in primary school that had these amazing rings. So, naturally I took my mothers engagement ring and squished in a door frame so it 'fit' around my finger... it never fit. Maybe me becoming a jeweller was a way to overcome the guilt I had, or (more likely) I thought I did a great job and thought "Ah Ha that's what I'll be when I grow. up."


I  started to see jewellery in a whole new light when my grandparents started to give me some of their own pieces. I was amazed by the history these necklaces, rings and brooches could hold, and even more so how personally attached I felt towards them. It didn't matter to me if they were broken or had stones missing, I always found a way to wear everything!  


When I finally got the opportunity to go to university and learn about how jewellery was created, I became obsessed. From then I've developed in technical skill, but also artistically. I've come to realize that concept is integral to my work, it always comes from something quite personal. Now don't get me wrong, my work isn't very deep and meaningful or anything e.g my most recent work I have focused on making jewellery with moving parts, purely because I'm a very fidgety person.  


I want people to get involved with my jewellery, If you want anything in a different metal, different stones or finish, or even if you want to mix and match earrings that I haven't put together just ask I would love to collab! I don't do many commissions but one of the highlights of my jewellery career so far was in November 2015 when I was commissioned to create a pair of cufflinks that I was honored to present to HRH Prince Richard The Duke of Gloucester.